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Aeolian Islands - Sicily - Italy

The volcanic Aeolian Archipelago extends in the lower Tyrrhenian Sea along the Northern Sicilian coast.
It is composed of seven volcanic islands, only two of which are still considered active: Stromboli and Vulcano.
Since ancient times these islands have been inhabited by humans. Prehistoric people lived in these places attracted by the abundance of resources such as obsidian stones, thanks to which the Aeolian Islands became the centre of thriving commercial trade networks since Roman times.
Archeological evidence suggests that the region was already well-populated by the Neolithic Era. The thousands of years of the islands' history is well documented in the Aeolian Regional Archaeological Museum, headquartered in Lipari with his sub-offices at Panarea and Filicudi.
In 2005 the Aeolian Islands were named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The Islands take their name from Aeolus, the god of wind who, according to Greek mythology, established there his residence giving them the name, thanks to his reputation as Tamer of winds.
Ulysses was the first of a long line of illustrious travellers. According to the "Odyssey", Ulysses landed on the Islands after surviving the cyclops Polifernes. Here he was hosted by Aeolus who offered him the bottle containing the crosswinds to navigation that would have brought him home. The Archipelago is also referenced in the "Aeneid", describing Vulcano island as the mythological forge where Vulcan, god of fire, was used to forge metals.
Literature is full of the most significant contributions of past travellers who visited the Aeolian Islands from antiquity until today. Of course, the Islands are not limited only to travellers; writers, artists, photographers and movie directors have been drawn to the region for its inspiring beauty.

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